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Utah Paraprofessional Consortium

History of the Utah Paraprofessional Consortium

Mission Statement February 4, 2011 (.pdf)

The mission of the Utah Paraprofessional Consortium is to promote training and support for paraprofessionals leading to improved outcomes for children, youth and families.


Since 1999, the Utah Paraprofessional Consortium has provided guidance to a variety of activities designed to support and enhance Utah's paraprofessional workforce. The approximately thirty participating individuals represent paraprofessionals and teachers from local school districts, district special education directors and coordinators, human resource directors and individuals from state agencies (Special Education, Title 1, SIG, State Licensure), as well as unions, and institutions of higher education The roots of the Utah Paraeducator Consortium stem back to1985. Under the direction of Stevan Kukic, Director of Services for Students at Risk (1985-1998), the Utah Standards for Paraeducators in Special Education were developed and approved by the Utah State Board (May, 1985). One of the accompanying guidelines stated:

A standing advisory committee to include administrators, teachers, other professionals, paraeducators, parents, and representatives from higher education should be organized at the state level to review and support the Utah Standards and associated Guidelines for Paraeducators

Once standards were approved, the Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) with assistance from project staff at Utah State University created a Program Advisory Board to oversee the development of the Paraeducator Associate Degree Program at the college. Interested stakeholders were asked to participate. After 3-4 years of development and pilot classes, the SLCC Paraeducator Associate Degree Program was submitted and approved by the Utah Board of Regents. Shortly thereafter, a Paraeducator Special Interest Group (SIG) evolved from the SLCC Advisory Board to oversee and support ongoing paraeducator training and development at the state level. However, to avoid confusion with the term SIG, the advisory group adopted the name of the Utah Paraeducator Consortium (1999). The role of the Paraeducator Consortium was to report developments and make recommendations related to the employment, training and supervision of paraeducators to the State Consortium and the Utah State Office of Education.

The consortium meets monthly and its membership is open to all parties who have a vested interest in paraeducator development.


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