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Utah Paraprofessional Consortium

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Paraprofessional Consortium Meeting Minutes June 24, 2004

The mission of the Utah Paraprofessional Consortium is to promote training and support for paraprofessionals leading to improved outcomes for children, youth and families.


Jan Pace, Pat Ault, Beth Rodriguez, Peggy Dooling-Baker, Linda Alsop, Bruce Schroeder, Marilyn Likins

Feedback from consortium members in attendance:
DATC and SLCC proposals

  1. All training should be tied to credit for paras.
  2. Credit needs to be a pathway to a four year degree.
  3. Credit needs to be transferable to other institutions/within institutions.
  4. Articulation agreements are central to the Paraeducator preparation programs; the challenge is to get articulation agreements in place.
  5. We need to strengthen Utah State agreement and build others.
USU proposed web-based program: (Bob and Ronda were unable to attend) The group had the following questions:
  1. Is there an articulation agreement with USU special education and elementary ed?
  2. How do students receive feedback and clarification?
  3. The program may be difficult for paraeducators that are less then confident
  4. How will you track quality?

Bruce Schroeder reported that Carol Harrington wrote for an extension in the funding for the PARAgraph and it was approved! We will have a fall edition plus a late fall, winter, spring!!

The Standards Committee refined some of the supporting competencies. Please review the attached document. Consider..What is missing? What wording needs clarifying?

A suggestion was raised in regard to Standard II, to move "respecting confidentially" from the supporting compentency up to the Core Competency. We discussed that the Core Competencies were State Board approved and any change would require approval by the board. Please consider and weigh in at or before the next meeting.

The next meeting will be Thursday, August 12, 2004, 1:00-3:00, at Salt Lake Community College. Mark your calendars now as we need everyone's input to move forward with these critical training options and supporting competencies for paraeducators.